Benefits to You and your Business

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Benefits to You and your Business

The principal benefit of Graphic Design to YOU is to make your business stand out from your competitors. To increase your profile or to sell more, you first have to be NOTICED by your prospects and sector of the market. To get yourself noticed, you will engage in, probably several, forms of advertising/media. A single ad, or point of contact with your market, rarely results in a direct sale. You have to build up recognition by repeated ‘appearances’ and BECOME MEMORABLE.

The Number One item you want your prospects to recognise and have good mental recall of – is your LOGO. Then, anything they see in the various media that is tagged with your logo makes them recall your firm, which is a big benefit to you. When faced with a buying decision, they will generally choose your offering over a selection of unknowns, because you have established recognition, and even familiarity, in their minds. This is a major building block of BRAND IDENTITY, the process of recognition for sales growth. You know that when you see logos and ads by Apple, Nike or BMW, your brain already recognises that brand as one you like, or aspire to, or proudly own – and you are completing the Brand Identity process in your head.

My goal is to provide businesses with a strong visual identity, so that their branding and message gets to their target market successfully. I firmly believe that graphic design plays an important role in promoting your business and paves the way for increased sales.

The client benefits greatly from the concept stage of graphic design – the picture shows marker sketches of a logo design on the desk, beside page layouts and a 3D mockup.

“Benefits to You” – how does my business get these benefits?

First, get in touch with me so we can have an initial free meeting, preferably face-to-face.

Then, after I’ve quoted a price for the services you need, confirm you’d like to go ahead.

The ball is now rolling and I’ll come up with ideas for your marketing media and I’ll design your job personally.
I can take all the effort from you and create the print, web or exhibition graphics aimed at your target market.
I’ll give you a great standard of service at an competitive price.