Broad Street Business – Exhibition Stand Design

Photo shows a curved wall-type of exhibition stand for Broad Street Business Complex in Glasgow. It has a sky blue (cyan) background with exterior and interior photos of the business centre, committee room, foyer etc. In front of the curved wall is the transit case it travels in, dressed with a matching graphic wrapper and a wooden counter-top to make it a counter during the exhibition.

This is an exhibition stand I designed for Broad Street Business Complex in Glasgow. It is a classic “3-by-2” pop-up stand, narrower than the usual “3-by-3”.

Pop-up stands are so named because of the folding geodesic structure which stands at the back and supports the graphic panels – when it is folded, you pull a certain part and the structure “pops up”. The stand dismantles to fit within the wheeled transit case, which doubles as a counter display. To complete the counter, a folding wooden counter-top is part of the kit.

I later built on part of the graphics used here as a vehicle livery for the Park Lane House Ford Galaxy.