Advertising etc

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Advertising etc

Please consider if any of these design and advertising services would be of use to your business, if so, give me a call.


Many of my clients want press or magazine ads designed, including Sculptur, The Western Club and Quality Chess. Press/magazine ads need to be creative and aimed right at their market sector. Some clients, for example, Sculptur use a broad range of advertising media and I design billboards for them, which I integrate with the advertising style of their banners, posters, magazine ads and leaflets.

This advertisement appears for Sculptur Hair & Beauty in the Glasgow Premium directory and shows three beautiful portraits of women on a bold purple background: a moody brunette photo for Hair, a gorgeous model with her hair swept back for Botox and a woman with her hair towel-wrapped enjoying Beauty treatment.

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Photography and Art-Direction

I am experienced at art-direction (creating concepts for photoshoots and then running the shoot) and I commission photography for my clients, often from Capture365 Photography ( Alternatively and mainly due to budget considerations, I search and select suitable images from photo-libraries and offer those to my clients.

Print Management

I buy and supervise print – litho, digital, large-format and exhibition – for most of my clients. This way they get a seamless service with just one point of contact. The critical service here is my selection of the best printer for the job, which is often a combination of quality, price, plate size and reliability. I have many years experience of checking print quality and I approve each job before delivery. I get trade prices from my suppliers and therefore sell on to my clients at competitive retail prices.


I am very experienced at buying in illustrations and laying out illustration areas for publications. Once in a while, I will myself draw up a bookcover illustration in pencil, or an advertising image in pen and ink, when I feel that my style is appropriate. Recently I drew pencil illustrations of a Christian being attacked by a lion for the Grandmaster Versus Amateur bookcover.