Exterior Sign for Office Furniture Centre

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Exterior Sign for Office Furniture Centre


I designed, supplied and project-managed the installation of this sign (New & Used, Office Furniture Showroom, ofcg.co.uk) to catch the attention of pedestrians and drivers on one of Glasgow’s busy east end roads. The Office Furniture Centre’s large warehouse-size showroom is filled with new, used and ex-rental office furniture. This is one of several display jobs I have handled for the Office Furniture Centre.

Sign details

The main letters are 4 feet (1.2 metres) high and the sign can be seen from 200 yards (183 metres) away. The individual letters are made from a tough, compressed PVC and their colour is part of the material, not just a coating. The letters have been screwfixed to the cladding and brickwork of the building. Matching coloured caps cover the screwheads for a colour-correct finish.

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