T-shirt Design for Herbalife-Slim Scotland

Front and back views of the Herbalife-Slim Scotland T-shirt being modelled. It is a black lady-cut T-shirt with white design showing (front) the Herbalife logo and Extravaganza Tour 2013 and (back) Slim Scotland and the Saltire, which is in white-on-blue.This is a T-shirt design for a local Herbalife distributor who runs a regular fitness class. She wanted a custom T-shirt featuring the Saltire flag for her team competing in a race in Cologne. I was happy to oblige and designed this T-shirt which was printed one-colour front and two-colours back. I supplied a batch of 25 T-shirts in a range of sizes for men, women and children to match the list of runners. The womens T-shirts were of course lady-cut Ts. To reduce set-up costs all the print was the same size across the whole batch.