Packaging design for Le Français brioche rolls

The photo shows two packs of French Brioche Rolls in their transparent packaging, sitting in a wicker basket. The packs are branded LE FRANCAIS and are decorated in red, white and blue, with the ‘tail’ of each pack simulating the French flag. There are two types of pack – Butter Brioche and Choc-Chip.

I designed the two packs of Le Français Brioche Rolls for Beauchamp Foods – Butter Brioche and Choc-Chip Brioche. This came about because they needed a new packaging design for the packs to be printed on transparent film for the first time. The new designs re-used some legacy elements from the previous paper label. My brief was to emphasise that the rolls were made in France. Utilising the blue-white-red colours of the French flag, I made good use of the ‘tail’ area of the pack to mimic the flag and make the tails as eye-catching as possible, for instant recognition in supermarkets. 

As the packs were also printed in France, I liaised closely with the French printer on several technical points, in order to supply them with 7-colour artwork including the base-layer white ink.

Food and Drink Packaging Design