Contact Reach Brand Identity

This brand identity shows the logotype for 'Contact Reach' mainly in teal in one wide line with an orange semi-circle above on the right. A white flash or explosion appears within the semi-circle.

I designed this brand identity for Contact Reach, who make and market software for telemarketing. Colours for this young company are a pale teal and a vibrant orange. A bright flash indicates the impact their software can have on your marketing success, or alternatively, you may see in it the potential of explosive growth.

Telemarketing, usually called Telesales in the UK and Ireland, is a well-known direct marketing method generally based at call centres. A salesperson contacts prospects on their home or business phone, offering products or services generally introduced with a discount offer. Their purpose is lead generation, which is to be followed-up by a later web-conference or even to schedule a face-to-face meeting. Telemarketing salespeople often buy lists of prospective customers and may be working to a step-by-step script. The telemarketing campaign will often be integrated with advertising or publicity campaigns.

Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer are the two main categories, subcategories may include calling existing customers to cross-sell different goods and services to them. To get noticed in this competitive sector, you need a brand identity like this that stands out.

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