I am an experienced book designer and designer of bookcovers and I worked in book publishing for eight years after my graduation from Edinburgh College of Art.

Bookcovers for You

As a designer of bookcovers – I am available to draw up your bookcover, whether you are a major international publisher or you have just written your first e-book.

I will respond to your brief and design an eye-catching front cover and spine, with all the supporting info you need on the back cover. Yes, that assumes a paperback or hardback – but for an e-book, you just need a strong cover that works at a tiny size in Amazon. Contact me and let’s discuss your bookcover now.

Reggio Emilia Ð chess tournament Bookcover Design

Book Design

By book design, I mean the laying out of every page in a – usually illustrated – book. That is, illustrated with photographs or drawn illustrations, where the designer lays out the photos to correspond closely with their mentions in the text, or lays out illustration spaces suitable for the illustrator to subsequently work in.

If the latter, then I would next brief the illustrator on the content of the illustrations, leaving him or her with plenty of scope for their own considerable creativity. That is a type of Art Direction with which I am very familiar. On the rare occasions that the book called for strip cartoons, I would draft the comicbook page from the text and send it to the illustrator – far from restricting the illustrator, they always rose to the challenge and improved on my draft, I call that a success!

Bookcover and Book Design Examples

You can judge my bookcover and book design ability by the examples on the following pages. My recent work has mostly been for the leading chessbook publisher in the world, so naturally there’s a bias towards chessbook samples.

Genius in the Background Ð Bookcover Design

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