Book design and print “How to Use Museums”

Photo shows copies of the "How to Use Museums" book, both the front cover and an open spread are visible, plus the audio CD that came with the book. I supplied the book design and print for 1000 copies of this book.

Unlike the other bookcovers in this website, in this case I both designed and printed this book. After quoting for both the book design and print of the book, I won the job, then worked closely with my clients, North Lanarkshire Council. I drew up the pages and laid-out the text and photographs, agreed visuals with my clients, finalised the artwork and sent the book for print abroad.

The specification was for book design and print of 1000 copies of a 100-page full-colour A4 book, spiral-bound, with a pocket in the inside back cover to hold an audio CD. I also supplied the 1000 audio CDs, had them inserted in the books and then had the books shipped to Lanarkshire.

The book is basically a ‘manual’ of how to introduce community and social groups to the idea of using museums, how to take parties of children or adults around museums, and how to stimulate the museum-goers to get the most fun and value from their visits to museums. How to Use Museums contains many case histories of successful interaction and research projects from around the UK.

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