Food and Drink Packaging Design

Here are a selection of Food and Drink Packaging that I’ve designed in the past. The jobs handled were:

Whisky and Beer Packaging

Whisky labels and boxes for Whyte & Mackay’s 30 Year Old Very Rare Blend.

Whisky labels and boxes for The Dalmore 21 Year Old Highland Malt.

Whisky labels for Old Fettercairn,  Crawford’s Three Star and Five Star, and Claymore.

Beer-can design, pump-clip and bar accessories for Younger’s Tartan Special for Scottish & Newcastle (a team job when I worked for Scott Stern).

Many on-can promotions for Scottish & Newcastle.

Whisky packaging designs for Whyte & Mackay's 30 Year Old Very Rare Blend and Crawford's Three Star and Five Star blends.

The pic is a closeup of the design of the classic Younger's Tartan Special can, a black beercan with a tall white lozenge shape. In the white lozenge, there are tall panels of red tartan, one of which features the white-bearded figure of Mr Younger on top of it.

Seafood packaging designs, showing tray wrappers and cartons for Scottish Mussels, Cockles and Scallops, and a carton for Scottish Salmon.
Seafood Packaging

Tray wrappers and cartons for Scottish Mussels, Cockles and Scallops for SSMGL.

Cartons of Scottish Salmon and Salmon Kebab for Scottish Chieftain.

Polypacks of Haddock Portions for Jack McPhee’s.

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