Paper Engineering – Extreme Pop-up Brochure

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Paper Engineering – Extreme Pop-up Brochure

This is frankly an old job from 1997, but a one-off (so far) in that it demanded my paper engineering skills.

The Expocolour ‘Extreme Design & Construction’ LP-sized brochure/mailer was a 3D pop-up – an exhibition stand popped up when you opened the brochure. My client was Expocolour Displays & Exhibitions, the brochure’s subject was creating custom-built exhibition stands, hence the relevance of the pop-up appearing as you opened the brochure and of the blueprint-style background used on the ‘floor’ area. The folded size was the same as a double-LP sleeve.

The teaser on the cover was “You would need a lot of pencils to draw your own exhibition stand… and a lot of nails to build it… there’s a better way.”

By all means contact me if you have a paper engineering project that I could create and deliver for you.

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A 3D pop-up brochure – an exhibition stand pops up when you open the LP-sized yellow-and-black brochure. Graphic design and paper-engineering by Barry Adamson. Client: Expocolour Displays & Exhibitions