Advertising in various media

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Advertising in various media

Not just Newspaper Advertising

Please don’t think of advertising as just being press ads in newspapers, or even just press ads and magazine ads – there have always been a much wider range of advertising media than that. You can (if you’ve got the budget) advertise your business on TV, radio, in cinemas, on billboards in town centres, on bus-sides, bus-backs and at bus-stops. These media outlets are still relevant and you’ll see the big players using them every day.

Photo shows a full-colour advertising Billboard Poster for Sculptur Hair & Beauty Salons in an indoors tennis court at David Lloyd health club in Glasgow. The poster has two portraits of models, one for hair and one for beauty treatments.

Alternative Advertising

On the other hand, you can advertise in local papers because they’re relevant to your location, in student rag-mags because your services will appeal to students, hand out flyers, or distribute business cards at networking meetings. To stand out from the crowd, you can select an appropriate promotional gift (pen, mug, calendar, usb-stick, iPhone case) and distribute it to your prospects and clients. For any of these media or if you want temporary ads sprayed onto pavements, an entry carpet with your logo or window blinds with your logo – they are all available from Adamson Design.

Your website can be a base to refer prospects to, you can buy ads on Google or You can go the social media route and spend your time promoting your business via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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How Advertising promotes sales

It’s generally reckoned that it’s the mix of media – eg seeing a billboard for a new movie, then seeing its banner ad on your iPad, then seeing it again at a bus-stop – that produces the best results. The ‘cross-fertilisation’ of your memory from these different appearances of essentially the same ad is what stimulates buying.

So, my advice is 1) Do some advertising.

If you need help, 2) Get me to help you select, book and get the right artwork for your advertising.