Tips on Exhibition Stands (2)

Pic shows a curved wall exhibition stand for Quorum, Edinburgh, with its transit case set up as a counter in front of it. Logo colours are purple, pale blue, teal and ochre with purple on white background for the panels.Here’s some further points re Exhibition Stands – these are more general advice and less about design.

Getting your exhibition stand – with your exhibition stand, order the type of wheeled transit case that has a wraparound graphic and a wooden counter-top (shown in the stand at left), they give you more options for your display. On top of the transit case, a laptop running a video or powerpoint will help to draw delegates to your stand.

Curved wall exhibition stands are generally about 2.2 metres high, so if your staff aren’t all six-footers, it’s a bit of a stretch to reach those top connectors. Instead, take the kitchen steps with you for the build-up, this’ll result in fewer crumpled panels.

New option:
Consider purchasing one of the new Fabric Stands which have full-colour print both sides around a tubular aluminium frame. The frame pieces have numbers on them to simplify assembly. You may need two people to drag the fabric onto the frame without the possibility of dirtying it on the floor of the exhibition hall.

The big piece of great advice:
About 4 weeks before you exhibit, take the old stand out of the cupboard and put it up in your boardroom to check that it is 1) all there, 2) not damaged. If it isn’t usable, you have 4 weeks to repair it or order a new stand. Remember, most stands are damaged when they’re dismantled in a hurry at the end of an exhibition.

Best of luck with your next exhibition, by all means call me for advice.